Academy Policies

Covid-19 Protocol:

  • Please arrive on time to avoid large groups waiting before and after class.
  • Please adhere to the one way system at the venue upon entry and exit.
  • All dancers with long hair must have their hair tied back from their face to avoid any unnecessary touching of the face during class.
  • Please keep at least 2m apart from anyone else who is not a member of your household, at all times.
  • Dancers will be allocated their own dance space upon arrival. Dancers to stay in their dance space at all times, unless instructed otherwise by a teacher.
  • Please use hand sanitiser provided upon arrival and exit to the studio.
  • If dancers, or anyone in their household, experiences any symptoms of the Coronavirus please do not attend class. Please also inform your teacher ASAP so we can notify anyone you may have been in contact with during previous dance classes.
  • When participating in online dance classes, parents take full responsibility for the safety of dancers when dancing at home, ensuring they have a hazard free space to dance in for the duration of the class.
  • FD Academy takes no responsibility for technical issues experienced during an online class.

Dancers are required to wear appropriate shoes, socks & attire during class:

  • New dancers may wear pumps, jazz shoes or ballet slippers for the first 4 weeks. After 4 weeks, beginners should order ghillies (soft shoes) – ask your teacher for more information.
  • Appropriate dance shoes must be worn at all times. Trainers may be worn for warm-ups.
  • Excess jewellery should be removed prior to class. Stud earrings are okay; dangling necklaces, earrings or bracelets are not.

Before, During and After Class:

  • Dancers should arrive on time prepared to dance – late arrivals disrupt class time for all the dancers. 
  • Dancers should bring a drink ONLY to class. No food allowed.
  • Mobile phones must remain away for the duration of the class.
  • Parents, grandparents or babysitters are not permitted inside the studio during class. 
  • Dancers should be picked up promptly after class – please call to alert us if you will be late. FD Academy cannot assume responsibility for dancers before or after their assigned class time.
  • Parents may ask questions after class, but please note that time is limited due to other bookings at the venues we use. Questions asked through email or text will be answered promptly – if you need to speak in person or on the phone an appropriate time can be arranged.

General Policies

  • Any acts of gross misconduct, bullying, theft or harassment will not be tolerated. Dancers and families should refrain from inappropriate or negative behaviour in person or via social media.
  • Consistent attendance is the key to success. Regular attendance not only improves dancing ability and teaches responsibility, but it is key when performing in group dances as others are depending on the dancers in their group.
  • Dancers may not represent FD Academy by performing or competing in any feis (Irish dance competition) or event without advance consent of Faye Downey.
  • Private lessons are offered by request, dependent on available venue hire availability. Email Faye for more information. Dancers may only access private lessons should they be regularly attending weekly classes, not as a replacement.